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Name:Prompt Memes
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Much like [community profile] multikinkmemes this is a place to gather promptmemes for various fandoms. A prompt meme, for the purposes of this community, differs from a kink meme in one key area: where kink memes are usually (not always) focused on, obviously, kink, a prompt meme has a different focus, if any, allowing more vague or plot-based prompts. This does not necessarily prohibit sexual or kink-based prompts.\

Posts are moderated only to prevent spam and repeats--anyone can submit a prompt post for any fandom or subfandom. It only needs to contain the rules below (paraphrasing is fine, so long as the point gets across), along with whatever other rules you wish, and a clear title. You don't have to limit prompt posts to a fandom--posts focused on a specific pairing or genre (say, crack or angst), are perfectly fine.

1. Absolutely no -isms or hate speech will be tolerated (prompts/fills dealing with such subjects with a base level of respect are allowed).
2. Anything featuring sexual acts in explicit detail must be clearly labeled, either by rating or act.
3. Trigger warnings are mandatory for certain subjects (-isms/hate speech, sexual assault, domestic or child abuse, eating disorders). For others, use your own judgment.
4. Barring a breach of the above, absolutely no criticism or shaming of prompts.

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